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The *Donnie Darko* Appreciation Thread

Sweet One

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I love this movie.. but I am convinced that the guy who played Frank was this same guy who played Joey in Degrassi Jr. High!! lol anyone remember that show??


Joey Jeremiah= Pat Mastrioni (or something like that). He is not Frank. But I know for a fact that Joey now lives like 20 minutes from my mom's house.


Oh, and Joey Jeremiah can now be seen on Degrassi: The Next Generation. I'm a fan. :lol:

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oh i freakin love this movie, liebe.gif i do believe i've mentioned that a few times in various other treads, lol. and yea any of you other fans seriously should check out the directors cut they re-released last year i watched it a couple weeks ago and was totally amazed with the difference a few added scenes and changed details could do but wow...smilie_pop_eyes.gif

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I was in another world when I watched it (over two days..fell asleep as I started watching it at around 12 at night).. I think I may have to rewatch it a few more times before I can actually comprehend it fuller and be able to actually analyze it..

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