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What's your favourite Coldplay B-side??


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Any true they covered A-Ha's song Hunting High And Low. That must've been quite funny.
Chris did sing it at a gig in Norway once and also did it on XFM (a radio station in England) which was very very funny but gorgeous at the same time - it really suited his voice :roll: It's never been recorded though :mrgreen:
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I'd go for "Bigger, Stronger" and "One I Love"! But to be honest there is not one single Coldplay song I don't like so yeah, tough decision...

How come you keep telling "One I Love" is so gorgeous live, dave's girl? Where and when have you heard it? I am new to the board, so I don't know the relations here. :shock: Do you know the guys?

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all of their b-sides are quite excellent' date=' so that makes it hard to pick just one. But, I may just go ahead and say Such a Rush. That song blows me away. The ending is perfection.[/quote']


v. true :) - fantastic. and sorry, i don't know them but i've seen one i love live three times (liverpool, when it was brand new and it still sounded amazing, glastonbury, and manchester last week) and each time it was fantastic. i don't think i'll ever ever tire of that song :lol:

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