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What do you prefer?


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My bro once advised me to always make sure the links on my web site open in a new browser. However, I totally dislike it when every link I open has to be viewed in a new browser. If I want it in a new browser, I can still right click and tell it to do that manually.



But what do other ppl think? :stunned:

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I think new browser is better. It annoys me when I'm on a site I want open and when I click on a link it opens in the same browser and then I've to go through all the hassle of going back and opening the link in a new browser :dozey:

so that's my view on it :)

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I see it this way. If what you're browsing is really important for you and you want to keep it, then all you have to do is: right-click on the link you want and then click on the option that says "open in new window" and voila...the problem is solved. It's also quite irritating if every link I click ends up opening in new window...and if I'm on an older computer, makes it liable to crash!

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