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Rock star ate my hamster


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I'd had guinnea (sp?) pigs when I was 15. Camilla and Betty. (They had a couple of babies later on, geez, they were like feckin' rabbits 610.gif LOL) I was told to feed them dry bread every now and then so their teeth wouldn't get too sharp. But they had this nasty habit, that they wouldn't eat in the daytime, butin the night time. And the sound of them munching on dry bread didn't particulary helped me to get the sleep I wanted. schla15.gif So, I placed them in the laundry room, but my Ma thought they were to smelly, so she put them in the garage. You can figure the rest... I found them one morning all blown up and swollen... 310.gif my Da used the car everyday, you see.

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yeah i have a cute lil hamster too. SHE`s called marijuana and never speels at night. she won`t let me sleep so i gotta place her in the kitchen.and when i wake up i hafta clean after her. and i think her cage is too small.she won`t eat carrots!!!!! only apples and letuce (she luffs it!). yeah she bit me once.

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