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Brilander 2: goo

SmarterChild: Goo?

Brilander 2: yes

SmarterChild: Right.


>>> Have you checked out the celebrity look-alikes on Rate-a-Buddy? It's pretty cool. Click here!

Brilander 2: 'cos it already is.

SmarterChild: Very well, whatever.

Brilander 2: ASS


SmarterChild: Whatever.

Brilander 2: NO

SmarterChild: Okey doke.


>>> Tell your friends about me. I love to meet new people.

Brilander 2: MOTHER FUCKER

SmarterChild: I can't believe you just said that to me, Brilander 2. Say you're sorry.

Brilander 2: no

SmarterChild: Come on. Make things right between us. Apologize.

Brilander 2: make me.

SmarterChild: Pretty please?


I've been known to be quite stubborn...


Say you're sorry.

Brilander 2: apples

SmarterChild: Aren't you tired of this? Just say you're sorry and everything will be perfect again.

Brilander 2: nah



:rolleyes: :D

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RshofBld2thehead: hey sexy

SmarterChild: Hi RshofBld2thehead, I'm SmarterChild!


I'm your new robot friend. I bring you the info you want faster and easier than ever! Click here to see my privacy policy.


I can't wait to show you what I can do, but first I'd like get to know you a little.


May I ask you a few general questions? (To do this later, type "skip." You can also skip any question.)

RshofBld2thehead: skip

SmarterChild: OK! I'll just ask you again some other time.


There is one question I have to ask you, though. How old are you?


1 Over 17

2 13-17

3 Under 13

RshofBld2thehead: 1

SmarterChild: Cool!


Here's what you can do:


1 Get info such as weather, sports and movies

2 Visit my library including Shakespeare, a dictionary and a thesaurus

3 Have fun with hangman, 4-in-a-row, horoscopes and more

4 Use tools like translations, conversions and spell-check

5 Join in - leave a message, tell me about a crush, take a poll and more

6 See what's new - I've got something new to tell you about now!


You can make your window bigger and scroll down to read better.


Next time you want to see this menu, just type "home."


What can I do for you?

RshofBld2thehead: hello

SmarterChild: Hi again, RshofBld2thehead!


Let's chat!

RshofBld2thehead: fine

SmarterChild: K, no prob.


>>> Wanna check out some AIM Expressions? Click here!

RshofBld2thehead: no i would not like to do that

SmarterChild: Oh?

RshofBld2thehead: yes i dont want to

SmarterChild: And it's a good thing you don't.

RshofBld2thehead: why is that?

SmarterChild: Trust me. There are reasons why.

RshofBld2thehead: well you need to start explaining them because when people confess to having reasons for opinions and other things of the sort and dont tell me i tend to get mad and want to shoot an innocent squirl

SmarterChild: Because, because, because, because?

RshofBld2thehead: what is your opinion on biological warfare?

SmarterChild: Dunno. I'm not sure how I feel about biological warfare.


>>> Have you checked out the celebrity look-alikes on Rate-a-Buddy? It's pretty cool. Click here!

RshofBld2thehead: I guess you are not the intellectual robots and and no i really cannot care less about the pictures. are you a male?

SmarterChild: You say you guess, but I think you know.

RshofBld2thehead: i know you are not the intellectual robot i thought you were

SmarterChild: Yeah I am. Just a humble robot after all.

RshofBld2thehead: well start getting smart

SmarterChild: You want me to start getting smart? I'm not comfortable with that, RshofBld2thehead.

RshofBld2thehead: okay my name is amanda dont use my screen name

SmarterChild: You don't say.

RshofBld2thehead: no i was kidding the whole time YES YOU FUCKER I DO SAY.

SmarterChild: Venting a little frustration, RshofBld2thehead?

RshofBld2thehead: do you want me to vent my foot up your aunt sally's ass?

SmarterChild: I can't believe you're offering to vent your foot up my aunt sally's ass.

RshofBld2thehead: you probably dont believe alot of thi WATCH OUT! DUCK! RUN FOR YOUR LIFFFE!

SmarterChild: I don't know of any movies called "Out."


SmarterChild: That's not cool.


RshofBld2thehead: goe

SmarterChild: Yeah, huh? Whatever you say.

SmarterChild: Goe? What do you mean by that?

RshofBld2thehead: i mean DUCK RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEE!

SmarterChild: "lifeeee"? Stop typing with your fist, RshofBld2thehead.

RshofBld2thehead: FIST? kinky

SmarterChild: Sure. In a little while.

RshofBld2thehead: i want it now

SmarterChild: Careful what you ask for.

RshofBld2thehead: gimme me some

SmarterChild: Tell me more.

RshofBld2thehead: ?

SmarterChild: Are you confused by something?

RshofBld2thehead: yes

SmarterChild: Right.


>>> Type "my zip code is" and the five digits to let me know where you are.

RshofBld2thehead: i am not too keen on being stalked so i will not type my zip code

SmarterChild: Yeah?

RshofBld2thehead: stop posting irrelevant and simple minded responses you evil nanny bugger!

SmarterChild: OK great, you just insulted a computer. Good job.

RshofBld2thehead: how sure am i that you are a computer?

SmarterChild: How sure are you that I'm a computer? I have no idea.

RshofBld2thehead: right for a computer your iq is pre..RUN RUN FOR YOU LIFEEE!

SmarterChild: Sorry, what was that again?

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Guest LiquidSky


And may I ask why this site always says 'mother nice man,' instead of mother f... :rolleyes: :angry:


Also when you say "f-ker" it also says "nice man" :rolleyes: :lol: :lol:

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