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Sometimes I think......


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I don't know exactly what you mean, but, honestly, I don't think you're explaining too much about your life here... Lots of people talk about theirselves here and it's ok, you know we're like a little family.

The most important is that you feel comfortable being here...

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It'd be so great to see everyone tell him to leave because its obvious this dude made this post for these girl's expected reactions.



I really hope you are joking... as I would not wanna write that would be a reaction to that.

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I really wasnt joking.


Even if this topic is fo' real, its stupid to leave a forum you may enjoy going on because a few people tell you to. If you spend too much time here then get a life.


I've actually done the sympathy thing on the internet, unfortunately I was 12 and not 28.

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ahhh I am really touched, i do worry at times though.....and calm down. May be its the muse album. I am listening to.


I must admit I love it here. and thats a hard thing to say when you really mean



However if any of my pots have ever caused anyone offence or hurt them. I am very sorry, And if I ever have feed back would be apreactied. !

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