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WOW I haven't been on for AGES!


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Tankoo evewyone :blush: LOL I'm doing okay, I guess. Just a little ticked off, a bit sad...


See, I've recently broken up with my boyfriend. And it was only for a month we went out, but everyone's making a HUGE deal about it. It's sad, sure, because I've caused him alot of pain, and that's made me sad, but it seems that almost nobody understands that people change. My best friend Melanie does, and so does my friend Matthew, but aside from them everybody's clueless about why I did it. All that's happened is that I've moved on, but nobody seems to know that, and one of my friends thinks that I'm shallow because I kinda like one of his friends and she thinks I broke up with him to go out with this friend...That isn't it at all...So I've had a maddening and sad few days, but I've recovered pretty quick.

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