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I love like 99.9% of these bands


haha seriously? thats awesome maya.

they're like, my favourite bands too. high-fives. :cool:



and whoa, we have three different votes now.

maybe this is going to be an interesting poll.

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yea, i know.

but seriously, coldplay isnt even in my top5 favourite bands anymore.

i just keep posting here cos its a great place to chill.


Probably coldplay will be my favourite band again after they release a new album though.

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hails denise yet again for another amazing post. My favourite band at the minute barring coldplay. Are ..... Snow Patrol. Even though I have listend to them far too much espically over last week. Great Album.


The stone roses rock though forever... !!

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woohoo I voted for the Strokes because I have Strokes fever. Okay that sounded really lame and retarded, but it's true! :lol: It's been almost a month since I saw them live (two days in a row) and I still haven't gotten over it. Actually, I would've voted for the Beatles, but they weren't on there. :cry:

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