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The Knitting Appreciation Thread!


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This is a topic for fellow lovers of knitting of the standard or even the purl kind (one that I cannot do as yet).


Me? I am currently halfway through knitting a blanky for the up and coming cold winter months, in irish colours ofcourse ;)


I don't know about other countries but over here it has taken on a new light and is now popular again, so if this topic fizzes don't blame me... :P

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Ok, as long as you get the wool you need (8 or 10 ply is best for my needles) and send them, long distance may I add :dozey: , then it shouldn't be a problem. I will probably get it done by YOUR winter time depends how big you want it to be...

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Man, I haven't even finished my blanky yet...you see there are these presenters on a cable station called Nickelodeon (the aus version) there names are tony and james and they are really funny so I am knitting them an orange scarf each (as tall as me 5'2). Also they have a dog on the show called Bootsy (a little chihwawa, sp?) and I'm gonna knit him a little scarf to scale too. Meh, go to nickelodeon.com.au for more info...


Anyways, Maybe in a little while I'll knit for people at the boards...We'll sort something about the wool ;)

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