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Riff_ Vs Bananaman


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Can't we just like radiohead for what they do and coldplay for what they do!?! :rolleyes:

well I'm gonna so feck off if ya wanna disagree with what I like and believe :rolleyes: :lol: :P

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ok, this is my first and last reply in this thread, im not "fighting" anyone , i just cant put up with coldplay haters and stupid comments , that's all .

Sorry to let u down bostonrob but i wont 'bash' anybody, its not my style. I was only sticking up for coldplay coz is one of my fav bands and i think we all are here for coldplay but that doesnt mean we have to talk about coldplay 24/7 . Im a huge muse/radiohead fan myself and i think most ppl here like the same bands , not quite sure though. I respect what other ppl listen to but i hate when other ppl just try to put them down .

I agree with u Fif, that's what im talking about, sorry if u ppl thought it was a radiohead vs coldplay pseudo fight, i love both bands, thay're special in their own way.

Anyway, i hope this doesnt turn into a show coz ppl know im quiet ,sometimes funny and try to be nice but i just couldnt let this guy bash coldplay for some stupid reason..especially here on a coldplay board ,i just hope u dont hate me or anything like that for what i said. that's all,cheers

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Topics like this only wreck our naturally based argument! But I may as well point out some things 'Team Ren' oughta know:


-Ren claims it doesnt intend to bash anyone, when it took my opinion and start calling me an asshole for having it. I didnt bash anyone but Coldplay's music, and like Ian just posted, I have the right to do it because its my opinion. Ren decided to take a personal vibe against me for that, and unfortunately I can only respond with a personal vibe against IT. Its unfortunate, but "He started it" :kiss:


Ren, not putting up with 'Coldplay haters' is much different from me insulting your religion. Obviously you're passionate about Coldplay, but if someone started putting Radiohead down for stupid reasons I would probably try and discover more about their opinion to see if they are reasonable or justified opinions before I start calling them ignorant fuckers. In other words, its not like I dissed yo momma homeboy. :stunned:


It was up to you how personal this argument got, I gave my opinions on Coldplay and you had no right to question my general intelligence from those viewpoints. Since you did this I then had to make HARSH (Oh boy!) remarks on your intelligence. If you had've kept your opinions to not being so damn alienating I would never have called you an asshole, or anything. In other words, 'shoulda STEP before writing a cheque yo' ass cant cash and entered da ring with dis BAD BOIIII


And Fifi we werent Radiohead vs Coldplaying, we were focusing on Coldplay and I brought up Coldplay's divine takings from what Radiohead have done. Radiohead are innocent bystanders, this time :D


But I have to disagree with your opinion Feef's, sorry :cry: I cant just like Coldplay for what they do because obviously I dislike them, Im not going to conform to them just because Im surrounded by Coldplay fans. This is exactly what Ren expects me to do, if it had simply questioned my opinions instead of completely shooting them straight to hell and jumping knee deep into the shit of our argument by trying to pin a tail to my ass then things would be much more chilled, because Im a reasonable guy. In other words, WIZZER WUZZER MOTHER CHUCKER


Thats probably everything I need to have been said.

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