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bathing suit shopping


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OH GOD!! talk about nasty?!?! 2 days ago I went and bought mine and it was so hard to fine one i like! Yesterday I went to a water park with my friend and their were these fat kids wearing bakinis... and there was this one girl who was so PALE and she didnt even have any.....top..... and she is strutting around in this bakni.. RUUHG!! *shutters*

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What!!?!?!? Germany1!?!? Why you think that!?!?!? Im 16 and i live in the U.S.


hee hee! im listening to that wierd Korn song..... ooo baa ring ring oo ba ring too scooo bloo a bloo... twist.... twist..... twist... ooo scooo ba la briing bringg! :rolleyes:


OH and the girl in your avator looks like she is...12.. or somthing.... :stunned: *who is that??*

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heehee mycdplayerisbroke actually i look great in it :smug:


well yes its good to know summer is near, but its also good to find something you like. also hard for me. and very hard to find a bottom piece that fits, because they make all those things for people with saggy butts :( and i have a perky butt :blush: lol

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THEY'RE EVIL. Argh, every time I go shopping for one I come back home crying and get in depression for weeks. And I'm serious.


I got one last year because I was so fed up with my parents nagging me to get one, but I haven't worn it and never will. Why can't I bloody find a bikini that actually COVERS something? I don't feel like walking down the beach with my boobs and ass hanging out :rolleyes:

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Well I think I'm just gonna nick my sister's old bikini... it actually covers something (not too much, not too little ;)) yet the bottoms are too big on me.. I'll have to tighten them around me or something. They hardly cover my big arse though :rolleyes:


Oh well, it's not like I'm gonna use it a lot anyway... I don't think I've been to the beach in about 10 years. I hate the beach :P Problem is that my prom is on the beach, so I'll need a bathing suit for that.

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