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The Star Quality of Your Name thread


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I'm thinking if I ever actually became "famous" I'd almost have to use a stage name or pen name or something, because Tom Peed just isn't cutting the mustard.


So you can call me either:


Tom Reed (which hudreds of people have misread my name as anyway)




Buck Naked :P


Tom Peed you fool! Doesnt everyone agree that Tom Peed is a beautiful name?


It's unique, its original, it sounds pretty cool. I see actor, but I dont see Tom Peed as being a huge MTV lead role actor, but someone who starts off in comedy and moves into more serious roles subtley.


I can definately see it man, I was actually going to mention that its a very good name earlier. If you try to be famous, stick with Peed, I've never heard anything like it.

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yes i found some certain similarities to gwb so i thought you could be a us president :)


:angry: NEVER compare me to anyone else...I am unique and will be the best President this country will ever know....ur just pissed bcuz I didn't add u to my staff :lol: ...so if u want to be part of my staff, u can start by cleaning my white house and making sure there is a soccer field and skate vert ramps in my backyard...if u can do that, ull get bumped up to something else...... :lol:

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