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Favorite sport moment?

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I've got another one...


when Canada's U-19 Girls Soccer Team beat the U.S. for some tournament...but they actually beat them and won the tournament which I've never seen happen before until yesterday!

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Yeah, and at hockey and soccer, no less. Try beating us at any other sport except those or curling. :P


My favorite sports moment during my lifetime was... I guess when the '93 Phillies beat the Braves to go to the World Series, because that was so completely unexpected, and that's pretty much as close as I've had to a champion. :dozey:




I've seen the replay of Tug McGraw recording the final out for the Phillies' 1980 World Series win enough times to feel like I was there. :P

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A very cool thread. !! :cool:


1. Man City beating Manchester United on the 9th Novemeber 2002 and Shaun Goater getting the winners and scoring his 100th goal for the club in the process. FEED THE GOAT !! And it was the last ever derby at Maine Road.

2. Engalnd beating Holland 4 -1 in Euro 96 and everybody singing "football is coming home"

3. England Beating Argentina in the lst world cup. 1 - 0

4. Man City hammering Manchester Untied 4 -1 at the Blue Camp.

5. The remarkable 10 men come back from Man City being 3 - 0 down against spurs in this years F. A cup and winning 4 - 3

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England 1 Argentina 0 :wink3:


Nice :D Brazil 3 Argentina 1 :D


- Brazil male volleyball team winning gold medal on Barcelona Olimpic games '92.

- Brazil male volleyball team winning World Championship 2002, on my birthday.

- Ayrton Senna's first F1 championship, '88 (I think)

- First time Guga won Roland Garros

- Brazil's soccer team 4th World Cup :D

- and everytime Brazil's soccer team beat Argentina :D

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Liverpool 4 - 3 Newcastle Utd, Anfield, 3rd April 1996....Liverpool go 1-0 up after 2 minutes, go 2-1 down at half-time, pull it back to 2-2, then go 3-2 down, then back to 3-3, then in the last minute of the game Collymore scores to make it 4-3, in front of the Kop....Keegan hangs his head over the advertising board and thumps it in desperation....I was there, one of the lucky few...I couldn't speak or hear after the game, the singing and shouting had done that to me...still have my match program and ticket from that game safe...


Memories... you even see me on the TV when Asprilla scores his goal to make it 2-1 :)

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England 1 Argentina 0 :wink3:



Chile 3, England 0 :smug:

Chile 1, Brazil 1

Chile 3, Brazil 0

Chile 2, Nigeria 3


the Rugby World Cup final was pretty exciting too

the swimmer final for the 100 metres on the olympics, Sydney 2000


and well, every game we played for France 1998 :D

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The Steelers' Immaculate Reception in the '70s (American football). Wasn't alive to see it, but have seen it on video numerous times. Yay Steelers!:rolleyes3:


Afraid this coming season they're just going to plain suck.

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