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Sigur Rós


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Yes' date=' they are European and yes, they aren't singing in English! Don't ask me which language this is. Maybe they are from Iceland or some Skandinavian country... :?[/quote'] yes, they are Icelandic. But I've heard the singer sings in Icelandic and Hopelandic. I guess that's just a language he made up. Whatever language, it's lovely!


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i first heard about them on mtv.....i never took the chance to listen to them so i dl some of there stuff to listen to later.

i saw that video vidrar vel til loftrarasa i think that's what it is or maybe just vidrar vel

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Hey, sigur ros are fantastic.

They have also released a soundtrack album for the film' angel of my heart'

The language jonssi (singer) sings in is the noise he makes when he first thinks up a melody. As he believes this is the purest form of his music this is the way it stays for the album.

You may notice the frequency of the 'words' (sic) eel sa da lo, on the album. The above explains why this is the case.

Von is very hard to find, ie only on import cos they weren't signed to a major label then and still can't get the distribution.

Bye, andrew

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