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I broke a girls heart last night


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I have been friends with her for about 2 years. We got to be close friends in that time and I sensed she was becoming attached. I had to tell her last night that I only want a friendship. She cried and I felt extremely bad as I hate hurting any of my friends.


Thing is...when everything first started, I was the one that liked her but she was in relationship, they broke up. She began having feelings towards me, but by then enough time went by, I knew our chemistry wasn't there so I wasn't interested in anything romantic.


Seeing her cry and knowing her pain (because I have been there) makes me feel horrible. I wish there was something I can do to make things better but I won't lie to her


Now it seems our friendship will burn out, and I feel like its all my fault. I guess I learned to be REALLY SURE about the person you want.


Thanks for reading.

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Man..been in that kinda thing before...My best Guy friend and me. I still love the boy, and everyone thinks we're going out. But we both have an agreement, so it works out for us. He just never sees my tears.

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Thank you everybody. Guess I was in a morbid mood when I typed out the thread. I'm 29 so simply having "fun" with girls is not my thing. I want a love that consumes me fully. Not that I'm anxiously looking because I'm happy alone.


Anyway...gotta love love?

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I have had my heart broken and it's one of the worst feelings to endure. I still think of that person on a weekly basis and gave in to the fact that it's a part of my life I won't ever forget


But all this heart breaking makes us all stronger. You have to break before being wiser and less susceptible to falling again. Hope your heart mends quickly Joyce.

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