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anyone read any good books lately?


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I read Lord of the flies a while ago..... well I never ending it though, but it was very good, until I lost the book :dozey:


Brave New World is about "humans" living in a perfect world. It was writen is 1932, were people started to speak and believe about a perfect world, the "utopia" and it's reall great. They are living on 600 AF (After Ford - Ford it was their god) and it's suppose to be a perfect place. Everyone's happy, and they all do what the are suppose t do. There is this man who is different to all the rest and he goes to a wild reserve, that is where the humans , like us, lived and that's when the book gets more exciting, at least for me. It doesn't sound very good, but it really is. :D

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......... :idea2:


Irvine Welsh: "Trainspotting" and "Glue" ( it's a tradition i read these two in summer :cool: )


then i read something from Nikolai Gogol, no idea what the name is in English :stunned:


Hannu Raittila: "Canal Grande" ( that was a great book but i don't know if it's only in Finnish ) :confused:


oh well i have to think this again :rolleyes:

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I have to read this book for the school: "Stories and poems for extremely intelligent children of all ages" of Harold Bloom, and I dont know if lately will be that good... All I know is that Harold Bloom is against the "children literature" or directly toward Harry Potter books as a mediocre literature to get money...

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