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Glastonbury webcasts


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If someone is interested you can watch some gigs from Glastonbury Festival this weekend.

Go to http://glastonbury.playlouder.com/webcasts/index.html


Times listed are in British Summer Time (GMT+1). On June 25, 26, and 27, you'll be able to WATCH FULL PERFORMANCES from the best performers.

The webcast schedule is



19:20 - PJ Harvey

21:00 - Goldfrapp

22:30 - Elbow

23:50 - Franz Ferdinand



19:15 - Keane

20:25 - Lostprophets

21:30 - Starsailor

22:50 - Basement Jaxx



19:00 - Belle & Sebastian

20:45 - BRMC

22:30 - Orbital

00:05 - Muse



Is it possible that someone could record some and hosting somewhere?

I really would like to hear the Keane gig.


PS - Oooops, a bit late for the 1st day, sorry... :confused:

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noni the broadcasts will be up for a month after so you can hear the keane gig for a month :)


Really? For a month? Ooooh, luckily I'll have broadband before that...

Aaaaw, thankies for the info, Feefs!! :kiss:

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I really would like to hear the Keane gig.


Noni, Keane were totally brilliant. possibly the best gig so far (yea, even better than franz ferdinand :stunned: )

:idea2: but probably muse will beat em all tomorrow. :cool:


and oh, speaking of glastonbury... do you guys know where i can listen to the oasis performance? man, i'd kill to see the new oasis live.

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noni! its so good to see you again! :D :kiss:


and oh, thanks a LOT for the links, i'm watching the franz ferdinand gig right now.

woo, soo good! :cool:


Heeeeeey, Thom, you're baaaaaack, wooooo-hoooo!! :D

*starts a party in the bedroom*

And no problem about the links, I'm glad you enjoyed! :smug: I'll try to watch it in the bbc website when I'll have a decent conection

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