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  1. FYI I’m still in love with God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and all its live versions, but I’m also having an affair with E-Lo!

  2. Viva la Vida vs Christmas Lights
  3. Because I came here with a load And it feels so much lighter Since I met you A L I E N S
  4. Viva la Vida vs. Viva la Vida - Thin White Duke Mix
  5. Life in Technicolor ii vs. Death And All His Friends (The Escapist included)
  6. No problem :joy: the hard ones are the best ones
  7. Yellow vs. Life in Technicolor ii
  8. Just a reminder for those lost in the confusion: The current battle is SJLT vs. Death Will Never Conquer
  9. Oh now I remember - there were those Malibu bits shown in the AHFOD film bonus content. I guess we can safely say the band (or at least Guy Berryman) are writing and recording new music. BUT is it as Coldplay or Los Unidades?? Or both??
  10. For me I can tell differences in location by seeing the stage setup. There definitely is a shot of the 2016 stage setup used in both São Paulo and Buenos aires (smaller rectangle screens rather than large flower screens) in A Head Full Of Dreams. In fact it may have been a shot from the AHFOD music video. As I’ve said before, there is also fleeting shots that show the stage setup used at Wembley 2016 and at Paris 2017. Does this actually matter though that not 100% of the shots are from São Paulo? Not really. It’s actually quite nice to have these little Easter eggs here and there throughout the film.
  11. Can you remind me what is in Malibu? Is there a studio there or something?
  12. SJLT vs. Death Will Never Conquer
  13. Hopefully not in the sexual way
  14. I don’t think we can’t past Jonny’s epic riffs in Hurts Like Heaven - he slays it! In fact the whole MX album is tinged with Buckland’s mint dabbles and and distorts and is one of the reasons why this is probably one of my favourite Coldplay albums.
  15. Speed Of Sound vs. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  16. Speed of Sound vs. Miracles (Someone Special)
  17. We all know it’s not hard to make a fool out of you :rolleyes: Everything’s Not Lost vs. The Hardest Part
  18. Hymn for the Weekend vs. A Whisper
  19. Charlie Brown (Live) vs. Car Kids
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