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  1. Ólafur Arnalds - So Close (feat. Arnór Dan) It's from Broadchurch Soundtrack.
  2. I can't fall asleep because I need to study. :(
  3. When summer vacation comes, I will watch s1 and s2 again. Last night TV plays s2e3 The Fall, I watched it for a while and I totally forgot what's going on at first. :|
  4. Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead CARMEN: No, but you be careful. Because your song is ending, sir. DOCTOR: What do you mean? CARMEN: It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then, Doctor? Oh, but then he will knock four times. This really makes me shiver though I like the master. :awesome:
  5. Penguins - Spy in the Huddle episode one They are so lovely and amazing to survive. Also, thanks the narrator, David Tennant. :P
  6. ^ I only watched one episode, maybe I should try more. :shocked2: House MD 4x07
  7. ^ Thanks. I'll watch it. BTW, Thomas Harris is one of my favourite writer. :nice:
  8. Both of DT and TH is good. I can't choose. :rolleyes:
  9. I like Ólafur Arnalds's music
  10. ;) I think this thread should come up early. :lol: But thanks you create it. haha Tom probably. When he said he hate Danny, I just stunned. :shocked2:
  11. dp :| okay, I need to prepare midterm exams now...
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