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    Welcome Shannon :nice: I love Amsterdam too! :P
  2. Yu-tong

    Hey guys :)

    Hello Radim :nice:
  3. Doctor Who The End of Time Part 2 Finally finished it. I was happy and sad in the same time. Really. :cry2:
  4. I finally remember it all! I found I am good at doing it. :dance:
  5. OMG I love this. :awesome: I got stunned while watching the video on youtube. :laugh3:
  6. House MD 4x10 Wilson got the lovely reindeer hat. And it can move!!! :awesome:
  7. I helped Celien today though I used some stupid ways. But you know... the problem solved. :nice:
  8. If it were Ellie's husband, I will be very surprised. :o
  9. Doctor Who The End of Time: Part One 6/10 It's not so good but I'm too desire to see the Master though he is crazy. :awesome: BTW, the laugh from Master annoys my cousins. The people of Time Lords, there are so many. At that moment, I was happy because that Doctor is not alone. There are still an episode.
  10. I hoped you might choke on the seeds.
  11. 58515 jump to 58818? :lol: 58 823
  12. I sent the request. I guess you will see it. The Village 1x03 Broadchurch 1x07 Now I really want to see what happened next.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!! 42? :awesome:
  14. Would you mind that it already insert subtitle(Both Chinese and English)? And how do I send you the file? Each file is about 337 MB. Can we pass it through Skype? (OH MSN is no longer available.) What do you think? :rolleyes: I know and I will prepare for it. House MD 4x09
  15. Doctor Who The Waters of Mars In the end, Doctor seems a little broken. You know.... his mind :| The last episodes are coming.
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