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  1. Nightcrawler--9/10--A really great thrill ride with an interesting character and VERY important things to say about the state of modern TV news and media. The Hunt--9/10--Really tense, powerful movie that has a ton of interesting things to think about. On Netflix (in U.S.) starring Mads Mikkelsen. Birdman--8/10-- This movie has a lot of hype behind it and I really liked it for its awesome performances and cinematography, I just couldn't really get into the motives and themes of the characters as much as I would have liked. Whiplash--10/10-- YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE. Like the above fi
  2. Give Radiohead more time, and listen to their album "In Rainbows," which is absolutely breathtaking. This band pushes their sound a lot so it takes a while to get used to, but once you do, it is totally worth it. Some of my favourite bands that I visit often that do "alternative," sorts of music that I think is also very accessible: Electronic/Dream Pop: Chvrches, Hundred Waters, Beach House, The Antlers, Chromatics. Alternative Rock: The National (especially their most recent records) Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Alt-J, Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, Beach Fossils, Sigur Ros Folk/
  3. If a studio version of this track ended up on the album, I would probably die of excitement and give it a 10/10 review regardless of what every other song sounded like. WHY DIDN'T THEY RELEASE MORE GYPSY (eastern European) SOUNDING SONGS!?!? Not to dis on my native tongue, but why not mix up the language, I think a french version of the title sounds far more appealing: "Un esprit plein de rêves" or "Une tête pleine de rêves" Or latin? "A caput plena somnia" Or perhaps that will be received as pretentious or trying to hard to be artsy?
  4. ^ Likewise. I have softened up to AHFOD's title, but I still think it feels a little clunky and perhaps cheesy. It also sounds like, judging by the interviews, that this title is going to stick, since Guy and Jonny both acknowledged it has been the title since Ghost Stories was in the works ,and that it is typically the first thing completed for the album. I still wish that it was Ahead Full Of Dreams. That certainly sounds less cheesy and more mysterious and ready for interesting sounds to me.
  5. It feels more likely to me that this is not an artistic choice to go slow, but probably a personal preference for them nowadays. All their kiddos are getting older, and considering that each of these guys is so damn genuine and nice, I just don't see them committing weeks upon weeks in the studio like they did when they were younger. Certainly a hiatus would mean they can really take their time on the next one and settle down and hang with their families more. During the BBC interviews I definately got the impression that they were really excited to have a big vacation from performing comi
  6. 1. We Never Change --Love this song, but not as good as the others. 2. In My Place-- I think this song is really dull, especially following Politik. Hook kind of annoys me actually. 3. What If-- Still a fine song, but really dislike the lyrics and the extremely melodramatic tone. Do like Guy's bass and Jonny's guitar though. 4. Viva La Vida-- This album is near perfect to me, like AROBTHH, and I really like this song, I just LOVE the others. 5. Up In Flames-- This song is hogwash. Really dull, incredibly cringey lyrics, nice piano, but my least favourite Coldplay track ever. It is obviou
  7. Why settle with only 10 or 11? I know that number has been working great for them on every record, but what if they make a double album? I remember before the Red Hot Chili Peppers (one of my other favourite bands) went on hiatus, they released Stadium Arcadium, a double album where (in my opinion) The sheer adventure and diversity of tracks kept the entire 28 songs all extremely quality. Another example of something that would be cool is what My Chemical Romance did in 2013. They realized they were breaking up so they released 5 two track EP's of songs that were intended to be their 4th a
  8. It returns on February 8th! You got plenty of time to catch all the way up!
  9. Holy Moly! They are!? Hinting at something? Or just fan service? Maybe songs are in a certain order? I doubt that, but they are dispersed quite randomly. Would it be too hopeful to expect a single uploaded suddenly? *sighs while realizing yes...*
  10. Lord this was tough, but I have nothing to do today so here it goes. (I grouped together interludes on MX, sorry if that screws up the song count, and also had to do top twenty because ten is two few and honestly they are nearly interchangeable :) ) Top Twenty Coldplay Songs in My Humble Opinion 1. Politik 2. 42 3. Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven 4. Cemeteries in London 5. Don't Panic 6. The Scientist 7. Midnight 8. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 9. Strawberry Swing 10. Til Kingdom Come 11. M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 12. Fix You 13. Death And All His Friend 14. Always
  11. Sorry to add to the debate, Rihanna has a great voice, and I think it is unique and beautiful. The problem is that most the songs written for her force her to sing like a diva which can get really annoying after a while. On PoC or Disturbia for example she is just way too dramatic and her lyrics suck, which is unfortunate because I think the song is really cool sounding. Her constant radio hits though can become a bit irritating because of how poppy and fake they feel. She is a real talent though, I just am not a huge fan of all of her music (which she doesn't really make anyways.) Anyway
  12. Haha :) Andrea was such a bad character. I think they had to take her out because her character made absolutely no sense. Truly a disaster of writing, same with Laure. It is unfortunate that TV shows don't know how to write female characters. They always try to make them moody or "sympathetic," and they come off as completely illogical and frustrating haha
  13. Thank you! I am sure other coldplayers have far better answers or different perspectives too!
  14. You would like two weeks by FKA twigs so you should check it out! Can't help you on the others though haha just a matter of taste. Yeah Coldplay does need to really mix something up to be truly classic and amazing with LP7, I am with you. I think they have done great stuff on every album, and I am sorry you haven't liked post AROBTTH, that is a bummer. But I sure would like another song like Politik. My favorite song by them. Just don't see it happening, but we could be surprised by something else.
  15. Hi! You ain't bothering nobody! We love this stuff. I can only give you my interpretations so here it goes! For Parachutes I honestly think that the band just took the picture and really liked it. You might also associate the globe with their success but the soft warm photo to me has always represented the mood of the album which is introspective melancholy, searching for love and hope and dealing with common insecurity in a big and sometimes scary world. For XY, the cover is a particular font that says X&Y, though you will have to forgive me for not remembering entirely what it is.
  16. @dalekslayer-- :) I am impressed too hahaha and I appreciate the responses! Well firstly I will list some tracks in the top 40 this year that I thought were pretty good, though I doubt I can change your opinion. These are only tastes after all, and please don't get me wrong, cheap electronics and crappy themes have been a big problem for me too with lots of music, but so was post grunge in the early 2000's (nickelback or seether anyone?) anyways, a few examples-- Take Me To Church- hozier Turn Down For What-Dj snake. Riptide-Vance joy. Stay with me- sam smith. don't-ed Sheeran. Blank spac
  17. I have a pretty diverse and alternative taste in music but I think MX and GS are certainly more than acceptable. There is always room for Coldplay's sound in one's taste that becomes more accustomed to more abnormal sounds, melodies, structures etc etc. I think GS had some shallowish songs, but I still think every single one is absolutely gorgeous and dreamy (even if simple.) Ok Computer and Dark Sides of the Moon are both masterpieces, but I don't go to those albums for the same reasons. I once heard an opinion on pop music that I really agree with though that everyone should realize. Ther
  18. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Having an opinion that is unpopular is not trolling. Calling someone stupid for having a different perspective is true trolling. Both of you should respect the fact that you both feel differently. howyousawtheworld has valid points, though I don't agree entirely. I agree that top 40 pop music over the last few decades has been dominated by record labels in a struggling industry that use artists like products to produce easy, accessible and formulaic music. I personally believe much pop music is not very innovative as a result, (of course not all of
  19. I would really like something in this vein. Really cool looking and it would be refreshing in my opinion. Though, I think they could do something that stands out even more clearly in the crowd. All their albums have thus far.
  20. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If this is real, it must be for Rihanna's new record. I could see that being the most likely explanation. However, this doesn't seem real. The Grammy's is like a three hour show, and only pop artists are listed here. Usually there is about that many performances but a good mix of genres to please a whole crowd. I don't buy it, but anytime there is a new Coldplay song I am happy...
  21. I totally agree that Eno, or some other big producer, should come back (not Paul Epworth.) I love to see them experimenting and being forced to change their style because as much as they are progressive from album to album, they sometimes can get swamped in being very 'Coldplay' in my opinion or not fully exploring their sound. I also am wondering how the dynamic in this video has changed. This was pre-mylo, but as we now know Chris is in LA and the recording happens a bit differently now with GS and AHFOD. One thing I really noticed here is that Eno mentions Chris can be a bit dominating
  22. ^It is harder to classify albums as mainstream than singles because even the most popular artist will have a out of the ordinary track. That said, I gotta agree with Kingzilla. I totally agree that GS is very artful and a bit more mature than most pop albums out there, but to me it was far more accessible through and through than all other Coldplay albums. Despite the beautiful and cool production choices made, AIMH, Magic, Ink, True Love, AA, Oceans, ASFOS,O...all of them are not as challenging or deep in my opinion as Viva. They also all are very cleanly produced, pure and lovely. Now I real
  23. I agree with the rawness. It absolutely needs to step outside the box and be "unique" to pop music. Of course, it will still follow a pop formula as all their hits do, but it has to be different. Honestly ASFOS was their first track that just isn't different imo, so that is why in 2020 when they look back at the decade in best singles, it won't fall on the list. It has to push some musical boundaries... Explosive and beautiful like only Coldplay can do.
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