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  1. Midnight is my favourite track on GS, but being an American, I know it wouldn't have made the radiowaves ever. Even Magic, my other favourite track didn't make it on mainstream stations in my city for more than a month, which is really surprising. People only want to hear those pop bangers or pretty songs that are fast paced: Stay With Me, All Of Me etc. ASFOS is now consistently on repeat, but only as remixes on dance stations along with a lot of other similar sounding tracks, so I just don't see it being very impactful by the end of the decade unfortunately, but I could be wrong since I jus
  2. This is an interesting conversation to have and I wonder if they can stay AS relevant in the future. Looking at the band-scape of the 2000's, I don't think that anyone can argue Coldplay wasn't the biggest. They were the most successful commercially, critically, and on the radio compared to most other groups in pop music. Now, Radiohead might rival that argument, but I wouldn't consider them entirely pop music, nor were they as commercially successful (much of this has to do with Coldplay's label and more accessible nature, however, but that is another discussion entirely.) I don't think t
  3. Good find!! But that video doesn't necessarily mean we will get a lot of modular synths, which they have been using for a while. It is just a goal of his, but I don't know if that means a lot more for Coldplay. So did the boys record in several locations for GS too? It seems like since Chris is in LA that is something they were up to for the last era.. Don't know what to think about that.
  4. ^I am right with ya! I want to hear some really flashy, drum oriented songs with cymbal flares and dynamic beats that are surprising and fresh! But if they go back toward drumpads, I want to see some really intense experimentation, not just 2x4 4x4 beats that there were a ton of on GS. I am talking shattering sounds and wobbles and cool synthy percussion. Nothing pleases me more than cool drumming and I love how many new corridors drumpads are opening up for percussionists, especially in Hip-Hop. it is the future of music.
  5. ^There is still hope for our kind. With the trend Coldplay has been moving in during this decade, I unfortunately cannot deny the existence of some songs that don't suit my more alternative taste. However, MX an GS are albums I still love despite their glossy pop tunes. No matter how we look at it, there will be alternative leaning tracks, and all out radio chart toppers. That has always been Coldplay. The scale has been leaning towards pure pop with the last two albums, but maybe it will sway back towards something like Viva with this one. If we get an album with say, 10 alternative leani
  6. ^ I could not agree more with you. I am really anxious for some old-style instrumentation laced with some of the modern elements of their songs like Midnight and Magic which are absolutely superb. They are such talented musicians and have a great knack for atmosphere, especially when it is hauntingly beautiful, so they are capable of coming up with a truly incredible alternative pop album that can please all of us :) I was listening to their discography on shuffle today and a couple songs stood out that I would like to see more of that demonstrate this: I Bloom Blaum, Lovers In Japan/Reign o
  7. I bet Moving To Mars. That entire song could have been a David Bowie song. It was no doubt inspired by him, so I wonder if Chris tried getting him on board with it.
  8. I am hoping for some metal inspirations like this: [video=youtube;YlOyl8m5X00]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlOyl8m5X00
  9. By far my favourite album of the year. Never gets old. Every track is amazing: Run The Jewels 2--Run The Jewels
  10. The drumbeat is identical, but it extend far beyond these two songs assuredly. " Also, the actual live drumming sounds a lot like this and other pop "folk" song recently: (my least favourite radio hit of the year easily.) I don't wanna be naive though. There are only so many drumlines in the world and it is impossible to avoid them crossing over often, especially in pop music, but still, I would hope for a few differences, especially with Will who has proven to be a great drummer. Of all my wishes for next LP, it is that Will's drumming or drumbeat avoid these often used radio tenden
  11. I kind of hope they go back to fully committing to some crazy theme for the next album. That includes awesome stage props that tie into the music and really ludicrous outfits :)
  12. Both of you are right :) once again it comes down to how you feel about the realities of it all.
  13. I want to make one distinction here in this little debacle :) So I am kinda falling in between both arguments. Jonny and the Cake, I completely agree that Nicki Minaj=Massive Attack. I love both artists and what I understand that little equation to mean is that all music is subjective, it is art, some people like one more than the other but it doesn't matter. "It is just music" is absolutely correct. But I have to kind of agree with KidA in some respects. I don't think Nicki Minaj=Massive Attack in one major regard. I think that none of us can deny the fact that the music industry is a lot
  14. Highs: --Really solid album with Magic, Midnight and Ink which I constantly have on repeat. Also like bonus tracks! --Beautiful live DVD and TV special that are truly special. --AMAZING artwork for this era. Absolutely love it. --Like the return to a few more melancholic and emotional tracks. Whole album has a cool atmosphere. Lows --Didn't like some of the production choices on the albums; sometimes feels a little to glossy and clean on otherwise great tracks (i.e. O, Oceans.) --ASFOS. I unfortunately am not a fan of this track, both as a single and climax to the album. Melody
  15. I also am not a big fan of Miracles because of the same reasons. Unfortunately I found the electronic drum beat/snaps, the plasticy lifeless acoustic guitar and Chris' computerized hooting in the background a bit too clean and poppy, including the final climax and the "yeah yeah yeahs." So overall, I am mostly going to avoid it in my Coldplay discography. That said I do think there are some really positive things to take away from it. For one thing, I really love the piano/guitar melody and the way they are performed. It is really optimistic and fun. I also love Guy's bassline on the secon
  16. I have a question to ask of you all! What do you think the best run of Coldplay songs on a record is and why? The obvious answer is every song of every album :) but go beyond that! It can be any length, but should reflect a group of songs in order that you think work wonderfully together and are all awesome in your opinion! My top two answers for example: :viva: Cemeteries in London--Lost!--42--Lovers in Japan :mx: MX/Hurts Like Heaven--Paradise--Charlie Brown--UATW--MMIX--ETIAW
  17. I do apologize if I offended anyone and brought down the good vibes :embarrassed: I guess I had to be the person keeping it two sided today, so I am sorry, but such is life. I have said to much so I will stop! No matter, Long Live Coldplay and enjoy the new tune everyone. As negative as I have been, a day where a new Coldplay song emerges is a good day :)
  18. It is just music, and I am being a bit to vocal right now about how upset I am, so I am going to stop here. You are completely right though. Music is just my favourite art form and Coldplay my favourite band, and so when I dislike a track by them based on the grounds that it is unoriginal and doesn't move me like Coldplay used to, it is just a stark reminder that as I grow older and my tastes expand, Coldplay's music hasn't really kept up... So personally I am very upset, and my opinion is minuscule among the tons of you that like it, and that is actually reassuring. I am nervous for this
  19. No, but at least they were more distinctly original. The amount of beats on Magic for example and the way they vary is really amazing actually. This sounds like any country song or christian rock song in the U.S. to me, and at moments I even felt like One Direction was going to swoop in with the vocals.
  20. You are right about the bass, it is one of Guy's most diverse in ages, which becomes more frustrating considering it doesn't play a more prominent role. It doesn't belong in a song of this low of quality. But I am glad to see him step outside his usual few notes per song hahaha
  21. I am sorry if I killed the vibe in this forum. I sincerely am happy that people are liking this song. I just want to express, however, that this is potentially the first Coldplay song ever that I fervently dislike. For the next few days websites and magazines are going to be reviewing this track and I am predicting right now that our boys are going to receive some of their worst marks since X&Y. You can love it all you want, but this track is also a Miracle for a Coldplay critic, and those guys, while usually too jaded, do have some points. I honestly think this band has few weaknesses
  22. Atlas definitely. I have my gripes about that track because it feels rushed for the movie theaters, but there are moments in it that are so incredibly powerful. Plus the lyrics are really solid. Despite the cheesy chorus at the end, and "carry your world!" chant, Jonny's guitar is awesome and the whole atmosphere is haunting and beautiful. Both dark yet uplifting. I am going to try to forget that Coldplay ever made Miracles tbh.
  23. I don't think that reviewer liked the track, but I think what he is referring to is the fact that Jonny and Chris kinda play over the drumbeat playfully together. I really like that to be honest, but I don't think it can save the rest of the backing track, and the fact that the drumbeat and acoustic guitar are dull. My favourite example of Coldplay's syncopation is the end of 42 where Chris and Jonny just explode with uplifting piano and guitar like they are trying to play over each other. I am glad they are doing it again, but as a professional drummer and bassist, you gotta do somethin
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