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well ian made a competition about it :dozey:

But why not let´s go again :sneaky:

I think it have 11 tracks (one hidden as on parachutes). A mix of songs like parachutes (sweet and soft) and like arobtth (strong) and why not any other kinds, they sing other kind of music on tour (country, rapping nappies....).

Singles : 4 again.

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You´ll burn it on a cd? What other song will are in?

I burned a cd with about 14 songs of coldplay. it´s great. :) :D

I have burn another cd only with non-album songs (nappies, where´s my boy, moses, ladder to the sun...). I have a list of 4 hours of coldplay songs on my computer :) ;)

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Mine must be almost as long, too :D

Well I collect all B-Sides and other stuff and make my "The Ones I Love...B-Sides, Live Songs and more" - collection. I already have CD 1 with all B-Sides (some of them are only live), Demo version of "Don't Panic" and a version of "Moses" where the song is only played with guitars. Makes 20 songs. Now I try to get all songs for CD 2, but there are still many missing and before I don't have all I can't burn it :(

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Well kalter i burn this cds to personal use, just to hear this songs not to sell it.

So there aren´t any ilegal use. When i burned it i haven´t got yet coldplay albums cause i live in a little city, but when i found this cds i bought it, i´m a good fan in fact i want to be a writer so i know about author copyrights.

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2? why do you have 2?


I have the tendency to lose and misplace the cds I love the most :disappointed: :thinking: or I simply give them to people coz they need to love it just as much as I do! :earmuffs: :idea2: :lol: :lol: :P

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