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Meaning of your name, avatar and sig!


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Okay so I've just blatently nicked this off the official board but I thought it was kinda interesting (I may be wrong, but we'll see)


Basically do what it says...explain the menaing of your name, av and sig........please :P


Name: It's my name with XX on the end because someone else had Mimi :angry: :P


Av: An advert for Dan from BB to win :wink3:


Sig: Lyrics from 'Still in Love Song' by The Stills ('cos I cannot stop listening to it right now) and few ace people on here. :)


Your turn... :kiss:

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:lol: :lol: you thief! :rolleyes:

But I like it :sneaky:


Name: My nickname from some my friends :) Lots of people just think I'm actually called fifi but no I'm fiona :D


Av: from one of my fav films~shaun of the dead which is out on dvd soon so everyone go get it! :sneaky: :cool:


My sig: 1st line is from a republic of loose song. Next few lines are from k's choice song~not an addict. The rest is messageboard things :idea2:

I like to put the end at the end of things so that's it all if I remember correctly :idea2:

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name: RoWaN...witch from some Anne Rice book...but I´m Joyce!... ;)


av: STARS...my fav thing in the whole world! :smug:


sig: means: My guide has abandoned me.I´m in darkness.I can´t be alone.Help Me....and that´s how I feel rite now!... :( ...love my friends from here a lot!...and the countdown for my dead! :stunned:

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:lol: :lol: hmmm I suppose' date=' well for me anyway but it's annoying sometimes for others :idea2: :rolleyes: ok so I'm offing your thread already :lol: :rolleyes:[/quote']


:lol: :lol:


How rude!!! :angry:


:P :D

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"I don't know why I feel so tongue-tied

I don't know why I feel so skinned alive"


lyrics from Radiohead's 'Cuttooth' and 'Myxomatosis'




It's a great shot of Thom Yorke I yoinked from NME.com




Lyrics from 'How To Disappear Completely' by Radiohead


and the next bit is in pig latin:


There is no such thing as success.

I had so much to say, and I

finally had a chance to say it,

I stood there silent like a dumb




yes, that's right - it's all Radiohead stuff.

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Name - Is about my real name ::Charles::

Avatar - One of the greatest men in the history of the humanity

Signature - Just wise words of wise people. Not me of course.










[but who knows? maybe in 60 years somebody here or whenever will have words I told those 60 years ago...]

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Name: MrsBerry. I´m 30, that makes me a lady Mrs. Berry stands for Berryman, one of my sex symbols. (that´s so dumb, I know)


Avatar: Matt Bellamy, my other sex symbol. recently discovered. :wink3:


Sig: a big thanks to my friends here.

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Oh, good thread :D (I see why you stole it! :P )


Name: Um... cuz it's good? :P Rain pwnz!

Avatar: Green eyes are awesome! Plus it's a mechanical eye (if you look closely) and it's taken from a short story about predictions for the future. It's really cool: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/WEBONLY/publicfeature/jul04/0704far.html


Sig: My favorite smiley :nice:

A strange quote from FLCL that the girl managed to write on every one of her cigarettes and

A quote from a great book (revenge of the 47 samurai by Erik Christian Haugaard), describing the relation between life, death, and the samurai.

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name--pretty self-explanatory.....i "headbang" to the music i listen to...which for the most part is "headbanging music"...and i'm a bassist :idea2: :lol:


avatar--its a picture of me dumbass :P it means thats what i look like :lol:


signature--well the Brian thing...heehee i cant tell you :P

and the Fishee Song is something that my sister's boyfriend, Chrispy sang one time....he just picked up Shanny's guitar and played a little [even though he doesn't know how :lol: ] and sang that....except my little brother came down in the middle so he changed the end to "butt" :lol:



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"A samurai lives with death; it is his companion from the time he first sticks his sword into his obi. A love of death and a love of life are the two balls we juggle: one is golden like the sun, the other is silver, like the moon. Life is only a preparation for death, Jiro. The law of the samurai is not to fear the silver ball in spite of loving the golden one" ~Otaka Gengo


I really like that :stunned: :rolleyes:

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I want to know what Ian's nickname means!


Sternly...... Stern is a music conservatory in Germany, where Claudio Arrau, one of the world's most famous pianist, recent, studied.


Avatar..... it's Pucón, a town in the south of my country...... made for tourist and where I go skiing :dozey:


and my signature it's from Voltaire, and he was a french philosopher and writer..... and well, it speaks by itself :D

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