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I have a very important question!


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Have you seen the electricity posts? The typical ones, with a "T" shape and they have three little things on top, were the cables are connected and passed to the next post... well I've noted they are one in each outer side, and the reamining one, in the middle, and this is in one side and then the next one, ie: Left, Left, Right/Left, Right, Right/Left, Left, Right/Lefht, Right, Right/etc...


why is that?

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sim = stupid ignorant mofo

that's what those annoying creatures are


But hey man, i think i'm going to bed now, i had classes today and i'm freaking tired. It was good to see ya online though. And oh, i haven't forgot about the franz ferdinand bootleg. Just join msn tomorrow and i'll send you the rest of the gig.


talk to ya later, mini-me


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I like the Sims' gibberish language. :lol:


Yeah, the only way I could get a somewhat successful city in SimCity was to use a pre-existing city plan. Even then it was sort of a pain trying to figure out the arbitrary demands for different types of housing and such... I always ended up way in debt. But that never stopped me from wasting hours of my life on it. :dozey:

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