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Ok I have to go for a while too


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Hi my cool Coldplayers... they know who they are!

A lot of us have to study or work or whatever.... i'm one of them... i have so many things to do... but i take a little of m y time to come here and at less say hi to you..... i'm not gonna be here for a while... i have exams, homeworks and you know how stressin is that.....


I love you guys!!!! There, Tanith, Denise, Ari, Joy, Eric, Kyle, Alessa, Gabriel, Mimi..... AND THE REST OF YOU!!!!! see ya later!! i'm gonna try to come here sometimes!!!!

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Guest DavidG

Noooooooooooooooooo! And I always wanted to chat to a Colombian!


Nice Shakira pictures though!


Keep in touch!!!!!!!!! :stunned:

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