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Guest DavidG
yeah...cos im here :lol:


actually, that maybe a reason for you to turn round and run :idea2: :lol:


I stand by my original statement :P

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Hey' date=' ja sam rodjena u Tuzli (BiH) ali sam zivjela u Zadru, ali to je bilo prije 8 godina ;)[/quote']

A gdje si sad ,u Nizozemskoj?

I jel ti stvarno ime Tanith,mislim pošto si rođena u Bosni?


Ja sam Maria i da, sada zivim u Holandiji. Kako se ti zoves???

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I love the official board :embarrased:




I'm going to agree with you on this statement.. and the one you made on page 1 of this thread.... I like them both... this has a lot of cool features.. and everyone here is nice... but the official board had a lot more sarcastic humor... and rude balls.. i think its hilarious!! esides.. you guys were pretty evil to Albie's mate yesterday... :lol: :lol: one could say there arent too many dis-similarities...

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