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Its Laura's BIG 20!!

staring elf

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  • 2 weeks later...

:lol: Hey peeps! I don't have internet at my apartment yet so i've been MIA from the board. Should be up and running soon..as for now, library internet should work.


Anyhoo, thanks for the b-day greetings...20 feels.....a lot like 19..hahah..anyhoo, hope all is well with you fine people. :lol: :)


Hopefully i'll be back on soon. :cool: :kiss:

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i was in mtl 2 weeks ago and i didnt have your phone #


Well, isn't that convenient.


Awww..I miss ya buddy! Ok, now i have to go. I'm on the library computer and there's a line up forming....I love making people wait. :D


Anyhoo, next available time, i'm shooting an email down your way Kyra dear! Peace out! :cool: :kiss:

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