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The Apprentice (2)


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I'm not in this field of work, but I love watching this show as well.

Trump's got his own water, his own ice-cream.. even his own board game!


Did you see how devastated Ivanna was? I thought she was a gonner for sure. But I think Trump thought Bradford was being a little too cocky and in doing so, made a huge mistake which led to his demise..

They showed his (Bradford's) little interview bit at the end where he said he was doing it so he would be on a even playing level with the rest .. so that made sense, but he still shouldn't have done it!

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Guest LiquidSky

I don't find it as interesting as I did to the first one. I only watch the end when someone is gonna get fired.. :smug:


ps: I think Ivonna should get fired... :smug:

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She (Jennifer) deserved to go.

Bill even set her up for it.


But Stacie was really getting on my nerves. And Elizabeth - I don't think she displayed the characteristics of a CEO with her crying episode. If you show weakness, they'll do ya in. :dozey:

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Ehh.. Pamela got fired. I guess it was the Donald's only choice. Sucks that she was fired, even though she was a little bit bossy. I think she was more talented than the other women on that team, but because she was the team leader and they lost, she had to go. :/

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How sad am I that John left?? I loved him. :cry: He was such a cutie! :smug:


Ok, I knew the girls would win this one. Their designs were so much better. I love how when the girls' collection came out the guys immediately thought that they were gonna win b/c all the girls had were "short skirts and little tops". Hello!! That's what a majority of girls wear nowadays!! The girls had it in the bag. Plus, they had the capelet!! THE CAPELET ROCKED!!!! :lol:

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If the girls didn't win this, they woudn't have won anything. :P They picked a good designer who knew what he was doing. The guys' team had someone who was really creative, but $400 for each of the items.. :stunned: I don't know anyone who would pay that kind of money unless it's some famous designer.. but even then.. :confused:

John seemed really nice. I think if he brought the other guy who was in on the pricing, Trump still would've fired him. :/ Boo. If ya can't lead the team, you won't be able to be CEO of a major company.

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