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The Apprentice (2)


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It's that time again. :sneaky:


Noooooo!!!!!! Raj !!! Ahhh.. that sucks that he was fired when supposedly real estate is his specialty! :/

I hope that Ivanna gets kicked off soon. I thought that Chris was going to be fired there for a sec!

And the director totally made Raj ask that girl out in the end! :lol: Raj Raj Raj..

Funny nonetheless.

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She does scare me. :lol: She's been meaner this season.

"You just don't get it, you failed!!"

"Don't tell me about it, FIX IT!"


But she actually seemed to like Raj.

I still remember what Trump said near the beginning of the show.. what's up with the cane?


Has anyone noticed that no one on the show is really that unattractive? :idea2: That's why it took them so long to find people ... they had to be smart and look good on tv! :P

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raj was hilarious when he left... trump didn't get it wrong, raj made so many stupid mistakes, he only took in ivana bc of jennifer, she's pretty sneaky there, she makes ppl do so many things. raj is a specialist in realty?, he turned 4 rooms into 3!! and he should of been on that contractors ass 24/7, especially after he said, ill get to it after he was done eating his taco! lol. and also when he asked them at the end and they said it was done, where was he the whole time? i would of been watching him. raj messed up this episode, too bad, i thought he was hilarious, did anyone else see those yellow shorts? lol.

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Well, I think that raj should have stayed. I mean, yes he ultimately hired the dumbass contractor, but Kevin and Ivana were both so passionate about his work. Mind you, raj should have been more aggressive on the contractor's ass.


I think raj had a terrible team. I think Trump fired him b/c of the fact that he was the project manager, but that doesn't mean he deserved it. I don't know. Maybe i'm just a huge raj fan. :lol:

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Raj was cool...he was funny and I didn't want him to go...but he was in charge of it all so ultimately you knew that he was going to go


Ivana...well she didn't have to go this week, but she was lucky she didn't go earlier...because of all of the weird ways Trump fired at the beginning and because she had all the catty girls behind her

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I thought I was the only person who was passionate about this show. :lol:


Raj's team wasn't the greatest but I think the other team leader (I forget her name) got really lucky in that another contractor came to help, because they were waaay behind schedule as well. And of course there was Andy to save the day! Even though he didn't even have to.

Raj should've been kept solely for entertainment purposes.


I liked that Bill won. :cool:

They're starting to construct that building here in Chicago. The only thing that sucks is that they're going to tear down the Sun Times building. It's been there forever..

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Yeah, I can't believe they got that shopping spree as an award!! That was cool. :cool:

All the other guys were getting presents for their loved ones and Kelly was getting a watch for himself! :lol:


I didn't really picture Chris as a quitter. There was really no other option than to fire him. I liked his accent though.

I reeeeallly thought that Trump was FINALLY going to get rid of Ivana, but I guess not. :dozey:

Maybe next time. :lol:

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