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The Apprentice (2)


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Guest LiquidSky
It was nice to see Bill again!


I thought Jennifer would've learned not to interrupt people from that time Donald told her to shut up lol.


awww I missed Bill! :o (didn't watch the show) :/ but I got to see him on all stars something....he looked hot with the hat and the bat :nice:

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Stacy was finally voted out! Yes! Sorry, but she was way to argumentative. She was not a team player at all. How can you expect to get along with others and work as a team if you're always trying to bring the other person down or questioning them? Totally unproductive. But man, I couldn't take being in that boardroom. Trump is so mean. :( "You're a horrible leader!" I don't know how I would handle that... I'd probably say nothing and then get really pissed after I left the br. :lol: I'm glad I'm not in their position. If provoked, I'll speak my mind/talk back. I've been known to do it to my own boss. But he knows I'm kidding. :sneaky:

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yeah, i didn't really like the last reward. i guess circ de soleil seemed kinda ok, but the party seemed kind of boring. and all they do this year is meet "real" leaders.





I want my trip to Cancun! :P


I actually don't remember what they got last year. :confused:

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I remember that now!

You know what I don't get?

How does washing dogs equate to knowing how to pick the person who's going to run your company/ the business world. :confused: ?

I thought that would be a task that they'd start out with, and then they'd make it harder as they proceeded with more tasks.. . :idea2:

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I think that perhaps Elizabeth should've been let go the first time around. That way she wouldn't have had to go through the ordeal the second time around. She was too indecisive - she had great ideas, but whenever she presented them to her group and they didn't agree, she just decided to change it around again. That's why they lost. She should've stuck with her original change - the one she made with that dude in the middle of the night. Ahh well... I saw it coming when Trump said he didn't even need to go to the boardroom a second time.. poor lizzie :(

I loved the other team's ad though! Getting real policemen to talk.. touched at the emotions! :cool: (almost made me laugh)

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I wonder who will be the most memorable player. I think they tried to make another Omarosa in Stacie J, but that didn't work out too well


Haha, still remember about Omarossa but this girl was a completely farse


they're bringing stacy back!!! she's coming back!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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