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The Apprentice (2)


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I KNOW!! i was not expecting that.


I thought Ivana's gimmick was terrible. I mean, she tried to indirectly compare it to Sandy and Jen's wardrobe, but come on! They were wearing clothes!!! She was in her "bikini shorts" on a Manhattan street!?! That was tasteless.


Good on Carolyn for being harsh with her.

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i agree and i agree. :smug:


you know what i don't understand/ .. and i'm not saying that i wanted ivana to stay in the game, but why do people go in there and try to put the other people down instead of saying why they'd be good for the job/ they don't treat it like real interview. it would be nice for people to focus on their strengths rather than attack other people. i'm guessing that she knew that she didn't have a case and because of that started to criticize jen etc etc.. - which wasn't helpful to her at all.


and jen and sandy got to visit chicago... yeeeahh.. chicago's so awesome. and so was bill. :lol:

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i think carolyn had to do that.

i can't believe the other guy. george or whatever his name is. :/

'at least she put in the effort.'

you can put the effort in in different ways other than stripping.



hahaha!! I know!! Well.. he's an old perverted man I guess... lol But Carolyn said it perfectly... "this woman is going to represent one of your companies!"...she sold me on that line alone.. Go Carolyn!! :cool:

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That was good that Ivana went. She was very defensive and I can't believe that she took down her pants just because the other girls were winning. She has also always been saying bad stuff about other people.


Hopefully Kelly and Jen will make it to the top.

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oh.. i'm so late on this one..


yeah, so kelly won! yeah! i felt kind of bad for jen because she had to take all that criticism in front of everyone for the whole time (and it was live). i guess her debating skills only got her so far in the end. i can't believe that the final episode actually lasted three hours.


all in all, i think i liked the first apprentice better, but this one wasn't so bad.

and they're going to have a third and fourth one too! book smarts vs street smarts. :lol:

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