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*screams like an excited cheerleader*


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good luck with parents abi. :smiley: :thumbsup: i suck at giving advices so i just better keep my wormhole shut. ;)


how i wish something like that could happen to me too. :dozey: :(


thanks lotta :) lol :P


meh...it probably will. :cool: i was kinda surprised he asked me, because just about all the freshmen in the school know him, and tons of girls want him, but he asked me. i feel so special. :blush: ;)

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tell them he is gay





that's not a bad idea!


heh...i may not have to, if i just say i'm getting a ride there with him. but i'm not even doing that :idea2:

we're going to a friend's house, cause she lives like 2 blocks from the school, and walking from there. there's going to be lotsa other people there, so really i'm only getting a ride to her house with him. maybe not even that. :idea2:


and i cant get a ride with my parents, because so conveniently they have to be at a wedding. :cool: so i just have to get a ride with him. :smug:

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