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I don't know if there is already a thread about this..


I went to see Wimbledon yesterday, I really wasn't sure what to expect as the adverts for it look good but there are an awful lot of bad reviews for it...however, I really enjoyed it, maybe its just me but I thought it was a fantastic film.


Anyone else seen it? Or thinking of going to see it?

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it was okay. yes, it was kind of chic-flic like.

i liked the tennis parts!

that's why i went to go see it. they did some of it in slow mow.. that was kind of cool. :)

kirsten dunst = annoying

(sorry :P )

she wasn't as bad in this movie though.

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i liked that paul guy more in master and commander... blah blah blah :P


that movie seems like it'd be soooo booooring... :P


not if you just fast foward and watch only the parts with him in them. :cool:


that's what i did....twice. :embarrased: :D

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LAME!!!! So many movies have a plot like this. Sooo lame. And Kristen Dunst, yea, she's sooo annoying. I can't stand her. And what an idiot, she broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal...I mean, that girl had it made. He is absolutely gorgeous. But I guess its good, I didn't want her with him. Hehe. I will not be seeing this movie.

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