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Corner Kid

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Dug Mine up...


here u go





This time last year, I fully discovered the wonderful sounds of Coldplay.

Since then I have not been able to get anything else, they are the best. !!


They are the new ones which will shape the world we live in. Just the same way Antony Wilson shaped music in Manchester.



They have helped me though tough times and have been a complement to the good times.


My favoute tune is Yellow.


MY soulmates tune is Trouble,


MyBest Band is Coldplay.


I would like to thank the owners of the fan site for letting me be a member.


I will spread the word.

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here is mine, how cheesy and 540 something pages away, but


Hey there everyone,


My Name is David. Im from England. Im 20 years Old, Just signed up Here. It looks really cool and I cant wait to get to know all of you guys a little better. Hope you dont mind ...

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