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Snow in Hawaii !!!!


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:o ...my GOD :lol: ...next thing ya know, they'll have like snow-dolphins :lol: !! (like snow-dogs tha pull sledz)...'meh ther making Canada look freakin cold again :lol: :cry: ..(just think...if THAT'S hawaii, then what's canada like?!?!) :confused: here's a hint:... we have to thaw the keg :stunned: and peel oranges with chisels. :o :lol:

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:stunned: peeling oranges with chisels! :stunned:

That could be a trade which would make you rich! :lol:


I'm telling you now! The world's gonna end, we're missing one of the 4 apocalyses! :stunned: :lol: :dozey:

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One of these days I'll become better friends with this one dude I know and then I'll ask him to invite me over there. And then my lifelong dream of visiting Hawaii will come true. :cool: Although, I'm sure he wouldn't even mind me coming to visit him anyways. That's how nice he is. Almost... too nice. :stunned: :lol:

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