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What I did when I had too much spare time....


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hey you know on Sound Forge? is there a way to put two songs together? (for Eagles*bunch of numbers* ) or anyone else who has it

What exactly do you mean? Like mix two songs together like the Radiohead vs. Colplay thing?


ya like having one song playing at the same time as the other....I think I've sort-of figured it out wiff the mixing thing but one of them always ends up slower since that number thing makes it slower....

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you haveta screw around with the pitch of the soun file. I find it extremely annoying to do. But hey, that's my opinion...

The pitch control is underneath the Effects tab. I reccomend cutting the song is the main different parts, (eg, Into, verse, chourus, verse, chorus, interlude/bridge, climax, outro) Thats how I usually do it.

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