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Happy B-day Mimish!

Mojo Pin

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I know its tomorrow cos i remember is one week after kirst's b-day and i hope im right otherwise im gonna make a fool of myself :lol:


I just wish you the best mimish and i hope you have a great b-day!

Dont forget to listen to the killers like crazy :kiss: :P


:jester: :joker: :mad: :juggle:


Im ready to party *puts the travolta suit on*


wanna dance? :wink3:



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Guest LiquidSky

Mimi! It's Mimi's b-day?! HAPPY B-DAY HON! :kiss: I hope you have lots of fun on your 20th B-day ;) Go wild baby! (but not too wild..don't do anything I wouldn't do :sneaky: ) :D I really wish you the best and I wish I was there to celebrate your b-day to show you what a party really makes it a party :D :cool: Take care hon and love ya lots :kiss:



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puah i never got that ID problem, people always think that i'm 24/25 :dozey:

Ah true, I never got spots though

lucky you, :stunned: i still have spots and i'm 21, well i think it's how my stress goes off my body

but then you will have wrinkle sooner :tongue:

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