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If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Sweet One

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i've seen those in documenterys... arent they the once called.... oh what was it.... HOOKERS??


what documentaries?? hookers aahahaha

there actually are some documentaries who is about polish hookers here... or is it german...cant remember, i didnt watch it

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Hmmm, special powers...eh?


:D well...first and formost, l would be able to read people's minds, because when you know what someone is thinking, it usually makes...everything so much easier....for example... :shock: Dave (the guy berryman lookalike...if no one knows that story go to...the guy berryman forum...well l dont remember which one it was....anyways :? ) Then l would be able to freeze time, go badk and go forward in it, so l would know if what l am doing/did and going to do will be wrong or not...I would be able to fly.....LOL so I could visit Angie...hehe and l would :lol: ;) not need to spend unneccessary dollars to U.K ehhe...then my last one would be....to find the secret to all those terrible diseases in the world....AND ALSO STOP ANY WAR or fighting cuz, its scary :? :o :sad: :( ...me not like war.....and OF COURSE...Guy Berrryman would marry me...after realizing what a good person l am :D (for stopping the war and all...and me :roll: bein me) :)

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not just one!!


i would be able to make myself really small :lol:

so you know. when someone is looking for me i make myself small and hide.

and invisibility! :D hahahha i wouldn't use that one to hide cuz i'm so clumsy i'll bump into the person and then they would find me :laugh3:


and flying yes yes. i would go say hi to the birds and the planes. :surprised:



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I'd be able to read minds. I'd be troubled though because I'd know when people hated me, and so on. So I'd be able to help people but at the same time, sometimes it'd be hard for me.


Also I'd be able to fly, actually, no.. I'd just have like, really good agility and stamina. So if I wanted to get somewhere I could run at full speed and jump over things non-stop 'til I got there.

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