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YWY is simply just okay...


I like it on the album, but in terms of presence, you are right - it lacks live.


Whereas Artificial Nocturne and Speed The Collapse are just sensational.

Synthetica is great too, as mentioned before.


I still want more material fast, but in all honesty, 2/3 years wait isn't bad for another album....


at least it isn't Coldplay fans obsessing for new music when a records leaks, before the album drops

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Or freaking out that tentative song titles from 3 years ago were never released to the public as part of some huge conspiracy, even though every band begins writing dozens and dozens of songs for a new album but only end up completing a small handful of them. :laugh3::rolleyes:

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^ couldn't have said it better myself!


Hoping they come to Toronto before the year is over because they have no dates announced as of yet on the tour....


also I am planning on starting a little Metric collection of vinyls, etc...

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