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Confession: Bands/singers you're ashamed to admit you like/d

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Guest LiquidSky

I like this song named "Save Me" by Hanson...I like this other song "Cry" by Faith Hill and I like this song by Hilary Duff "Come Clean" and Jesse Mcarthney's song "Beautiful Soul" and Lara Fabian's song "Love by Grace" (She sounds like Celine Dion) and Robbie Williams "Feel".. Sum 41 "Pieces" Mario "Let me Love you".. Ben Jelen "Come On" and I really really really like Remy Shand and let's see.. I'm kinda liking that song of Eminem "Mockingbird" and that's all I can think of Right now

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Guest LiquidSky
Savage Garden...


I do like the Spice Girls, but i am not afraid to admit that!


I also like Savage Garden! :D

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