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i just had a fight!


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i just had a massive online fight with ben (the guy i WAS dating) AND IT`S OVER CUZ NEITHER OF US WANTED TO SAY SORRY FIRST.


he was offending rock music (which is and always will be my 1st love) and sayin that it`s all filled with drugs and all that. well we all know rock has a bad reputation and stuff but my god not every rock star is a fucking drug addict!


we argued for like 50 minutes about that and then i asked him to apologise cuz he kept on offending and dissing rock music and rock musicians and i got mad and he said he`d say sorry if i said sorry 1st and i didn`t want to so we both said bye and we won`t talk to each other anymore.




how fucking stubborn and proud can 2 people with venus in leo possibly be?? :stunned:

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can 2 people with venus in leo possibly be??

I don't believe in this things about horoscope signs... :dozey: i think that if you love someone no matter what sign are you or him :idea2:

and well i don't know how to help you :( .. but i hope all ends well. ;)

anyways i'll be angry if my bfriend said things like that about rock.... :angry: but i'll tried to be calm and talk with him later. :)

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