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What sorts of musical equipment do you have?


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Oh hell, I can't resist. I'll put up my musical equip :)



Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster (Red maple color)


Suzuki Acoustic-Electric SDG-01ce (High gloss, natural)


Guitar stuff:

Fender California clears picks mediums and heavies

Glass slide

ebow (forget which brand, but it broke :()

Roland Microcube Amp

Squier-15 amp

Johnson Mini-amp

D'Addario XL .11's and 13's

GHS Boomers .9's



Some Casio midi keyboard


Baldwin Upright piano


There, that's it hehe.

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Epiphone Riviera

Squier Stratocaster

Marlin MF2 (acoustic)

Yamaha RBX370A (bass)


Guitar Amps:

Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 (40w, all valve combo, 1x12")

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 (130w (x2), solid state combo, 2x12")

Marshall G15RCD (15w, solid state practice combo, 1x8")

Carlsboro Cobra 90 (90w, solid state bass combo, 1x15")


Guitar Effects and Accessories:

Dunlop GCB-95 CryBaby Wah

BOSS PS-2 Digital Pitch Shift/Delay

Jim Dunlop Steel Slide

Shubb Capo

Rotosound .11 Strings (Riviera)

Rotosound .10 Strings (Squier Strat)

Dunlop Nylon 1mm picks



Yamaha PSR-630



Audio Technica AT3035 (condenser studio mic)

Shure Prologue 14H (dynamic stage vocal mic)

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I've got a bass :D (I even have TWO bass guitars! :P )

Maybe I should learn to play them.. hmm.. interesting idea.

Oh by the way:

It are a Fender Mustang bass and an Ibanez.. but I don't know the further details.. Like I said, I can't play them (yet)

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Takamine Jasmine Acoustic Electric + some other cheap guitar (my first one) that my mom bought a while back me so i could learn.


And also my sisters piano (brand??) that i get to play when i go visit my parents. I'm in the process of relocating the piano to my apartment... hehehehe :sneaky:

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I have a Takamine Jasmine (Acoustic/Electric)

Some other cheap hand-me-down guitar that i learned on.


Bach Stad. Trombone


...and i'm trying to steal my sisters piano right now :sneaky:

Hey she just had a kid, she's not going to be needing it any time soon :lol:

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