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What should I have engraved on the back of my ipod?


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That's right! =D i'm getting an iPod! the Silver Mini one to be more accurate!


Now I need your help! When buying your mini ipod on the apple website, you engrave something on its back! And I don't know what I should engrave!


As for now, here are the choices I've got:








But want to engrave something related to coldplay as well. Something only a coldplay fan would understand..




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why canyou only engrave on minis?? :angry: that sucks.. :(


you can get any engraved, as long as you get it off the apple site.



a coldplay lyric would be pretty suave




something like




they wouldnt display the proper version but i know they can do it...:D

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i've had alot of time to think about it :)


i really wanted mine done :cry:


awwnnn :/


its official now!

i just sent an email to my bro(who lives in chicago, so he will be the one buying it for me online, and hes coming to visit me in rio next month, so i shall get it then) giving him the specifics on the ipod..


it will say


The music never dies...

only the batteries!


I decided to get the "fucking" out of it..

since i couldnt say fuck, i had to say fcuk, and there were room for G in the end, and batteries had to be singular


thanks jae!


hope u get ur customized ipod soon :P

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aw thats so suave!!!

your using mine :D *dance*

Moohahaha i'm making my mark on the world!!! :lol:


happy to be of help :) (next time i charge :P)


hope u get ur customized ipod soon

i might just scratch something into it :idea2:

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my bro just bought it, HOORAY!


btw jae.., yeah, just scrach something on! that would be REALLY custom! hahaha

like in ur own handwritting.. :lol:
















thatd be hard though.. :confused: to handwrite somehing :/

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