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I love how even when he makes a congratulatory thread for someone else' date=' halfway through his first post he hints that this thread is going to be about him, and then his reply just proves it.....[/size']

Hahaha good call


Congrats again Ari

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Thanks a lot Kirsten. :kiss:


Thanks a lot Ali :kiss: and congtrats to you too, you reach 12k.


Thanks a lot Daryl bro :kiss: yeah party party :juggle:


Thanks a lot Yanni :kiss:, and congrats to you too too bro, you reach 200 post *waves*


Thanks a lot Reilly bro, :kiss:


Thanks a lot Camille sis :kiss: you are close to 13k too :wink3:


Thanks a lot Jak bro :kiss: you are close to 11k. :wink3:


Thanks a lot Oli bro. :kiss: you are close to 4k :wink3:

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