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Sleep Music?

Corner Kid

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I pop on my iPod and have a playlist entitled Nitey nite...



it contains a few if these gems....


Take You On A Cruise- Interpol

For You- Coldplay

Animals- " "

I Bloom Blaum-

Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead.. etc


slow jams really... and from George Micheal's Ladies and Gentlemen... best of- disc 1 :cool:

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never fell asleep with music on...

I guess it works like caffeine with me.

Even after a Lan party I did a while ago. (37 Hours of 'non stop' gaming) The music couldnt get me asleep. And I was listening to Jeff Buckley, now I think if anything gets me asleep, it will be Jeff.....

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I never sleep with music on either, except maybe once or twice on accident it usually keeps me up if i have it on can't make myself ever stop listening fully and go to sleep. but i do love to put a little jazz, a little Thelonious Monk, on and relax a bit. i've done that once or twice when i've had bad headaches and gone to sleep but thats literally about it i'd say.

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i hate it when im at a friends house and they claim they cant go to sleep without music. and even tho they have their headphones on, u can hear this horrible load of crap, wondering how they get to sleep listening to that shite

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