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This is the lonely section of the board


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I post in all the sections. I was surprised to hear that some people don't. To me' date=' wherever there are new posts, I read those sections. I don't discriminate. :sneaky:[/quote']


exactly wt i wanted to say :)


i like all sections as well

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Guest LiquidSky

I read all the sections..but they are people who only read certain sections.. and it's allright.. I don't read all the sections if I'm not gonna be online for a while..but when I have time I do read all the topics and everything....single post.. :stunned: :P well not every single post.. but you knwo what I mean.. ;)

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Umm' date=' the thread was just saying that everyone was in the coldplay section, and i was all alone in the general forum. It's not a competition people :rolleyes: :P[/quote']


The way some people post around here.... I'd say it is :lol:

Some of you guys post like >100 messages in a single day :stunned: ... Is that insane or what? :D

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Hi Pai... Great for you. Nope I'm not that crazy... No way I'm gonna manage to compete with you... Hope you are the first! Take a picture ok? Post it here... Hey, you could start a 'I Was The First To Get X&Y' thread... That'd be lovely :D


Me? I'm getting it later, maybe for me birthday on the 23rd of the month (my sister said she'd get it for me- hope I can wait so long though :D ) Oh hell, I may just get it as soon as I can :lol:


Btw, u sure it's available so soon? (I know what EMI M'sia said, but still...) :/

Good luck anyway tho on your quest :D

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