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I need an adventure

Corner Kid

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A trip. Maybe for a couple of weeks. Maybe longer. I dont know. I just need an adventure. Out of state. For the first time in my life I've realized that I'm my own priority. A lot of people find the need to go off somewhere and "find themselves" but my reasons are more towards seeking independence and being comfortable with this new life I have. I'm emotionally attached to this town, this state, as much as I hate the society here, my whole foundation is here. I'm surrounded by people I have nothing in common with. I hate the idea of settling down here. The two biggest social groups here are rednecks and the hip-hop community, both are total opposites and both which I have nothing in common with. So me, my pipe, my notebook, and my guitar are going to go on a journey. Maybe July or August. Any suggestions?

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One tip: don't go to Holland :P

only things we've got here are:

tulips & windmills (never have seen any, but I'm sure they are here somewhere)


a prime-minister that looks like Harry Potter

a completely flat and boring landscape (no mountains, no hills..)

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