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FOX news guy slags off Chris Martin...


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this guy just posted this on the official... I think we all need to send this guy, John Gibson, hate mail... however today's rant isnt on the site yet... I say we wait.. and then send the hate!!!! :sneaky:






So far, the dialogue hasn't been updated for what this guy said today. Hopefully they'll release it soon.


Let me introduce myself.


I like Coldplay, but I probably wouldn't join a Coldplay forum. However, what I saw on Fox News' show (don't ask me why i was watching fox) The Big Story w/ John Gibson, made me sign up for this to make sure you all see what I saw. Chris Martin was quoted saying that stockholders are the great evil of this country. I would have said the same thing if it was them who were at least mostly at fault for depriving me of well-deserved money. However, it was just a few comments, not like he's got an agenda against all shareholders. It's not a news story, maybe something that could go on the CNN headline news ticker, maybe.


John Gibson went off on a two minute rant about how shareholders are the reason behind the success of the economy and all the shit we already learned in high school economics class, but the whole time he was slandering Chris so hard that I believe the only way for Chris to settle it is by challenging John to a duel. How a major NEWS show can get away with slandering someone viciously for 2 minutes based on a non-newsworthy story, is beyond my belief. Plus he topped it off by saying the CD retails for $20 and said that because of this "incident", no one will buy it.


Fox News, Fear and Maliced

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here's the article text.... :rolleyes:



A Rush of Blood to the Head?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

By John Gibson


This is a little monologue Thursday on how good it is to be rich. And maybe how good it is to be young, rich and famous.


Take the singer Chris Martin (search) from the pop music band Coldplay (search). He's also the husband of Gwyneth Paltrow — everybody's idea of perfect beauty these days — and the father of the baby Paltrow just gave birth to, the darling little Apple.


So Chris Martin and his band have a new record coming out, and he's getting pressure from the company to deliver the thing on time. And when it turned out to be late, the company's stock price went down. That caused even more screaming and more pressure on the gentle psyches of the otherwise pampered rock band.


So Chris Martin said — get this — "Shareholders are the greatest evil on Earth."


Now you youngish people who are pouring your salary into 401(k) (search) plans so you can take care of yourself in your old age, and depending on your status as a shareholder in stocks or mutual funds or bond funds or real estate investment trusts — your singing idol says you are the "greatest evil on Earth."



Think he's not serious? Sure, he is. He's talking about shareholders demanding profits from oil companies, from financial institutions, from wood products companies, from power companies. All of which he is certain, evidently, cause further damage to the planet where his little Apple is going to grow up.


Shareholders are bad because they want and demand profit, and they put pressure on managers and the managers go put pressure on the guy drilling for oil or the guy trying to make another rock 'n' roll hit.


Evil, evil, evil, evil shareholders. All of you — evil.


It's nice not to worry about your stock and mutual fund accounts, right? Your accountant calls every few days to say the record company has sent along another few million. Enjoy life. Don't feel the pressure of shareholders. Just enjoy life and tell all your fans who are shareholders that they are scum.


Oh sorry, not scum. Evil.


Coldplay's new record retails for about $20. Wanna give him some of your money now?


I didn't think so.


That's My Word.


Watch John Gibson weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on "The Big Story" and send your comments to: [email protected]

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OK, so Gibson's not really slagging Chris (at least not in the text, I didn't see the show). He's saying (in a needlessly venomous way :rolleyes: go figure ) that Chris said something a bit too all-encompassing. I mean, not everyone who is a shareholder is evil. I think what Chris meant was that the capitalistic system is evil. I think Chris shouldn't have singled out one group of participants in said system. But Chris was under a lot of pressure at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if he said it with a wink, so to speak.

Gibson is doing what most jerks do, which is take one comment and use it as a basis to call someone out in a snide and unnecessary way.

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im sorry but i think what chris said was dumb and unwise. stockholders are NOT evil, there are far more evil things in the world, goverments would be a prime example.


I love coldplay, but chris is far too wrong on this.


so you agree that the entire future of EMI depends on Coldplay being multi billion dollar sellers again??



come on!! Chris was obviously being facetious in these comments!!! He's sarcastic!! But to a certain extent I have to agree with him for which the context of his quote was said.


The pressures of 'making or breaking EMI' and the fact the band (or artists in general) care more about the entegrity of their record than meeting deadlines and making shareholders money. Where does this guy get off saying that shareholdlers make the economy?? Yea they do.. in a way.. but a majority of these 'shareholding' execs dont give a crap about the was trade laws are passed... farmers practically being raped of their crops... Coldplay and MTF are DOING something about it..


this guy is a shmuck..and I am going to send an email.. I encourage you all to do the same!


viva la revolution!!! :laugh3:

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viva la revolution!!! :laugh3:


Ha! You commie! :P :D


I think Chris either mispoke or was being sarcastic, Gibson jumped on him, which was jerky, but not that big of a deal.

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no they are evil... not not the evil of the world!!!! lol



all the shirts care about is the $$$ at the expense of the artists artistic expression..... lets say Coldplay had put out the album in March... and it wasnt to the bands liking.. would we be happy??

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no they are evil... not not the evil of the world!!!! lol



all the shirts care about is the $$$ at the expense of the artists artistic expression..... lets say Coldplay had put out the album in March... and it wasnt to the bands liking.. would we be happy??


I dont get how shareholders are evil though. it confuses me. :stunned: anyways gibson likes to rag on celebs alot. I dont like what he said about chris and all, but i agree with many other things he has said.

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maybe this will explain it a bit better....


He has been a tireless campaigner against the trade rules that govern the lives of farmers in the Third World. He has also attacked the media, public schools and even poked fun at his wife's pregnancy.


Now Chris Martin, lead singer of the pop group Coldplay, has turned his anger on shareholders and profits. And his chosen target is EMI, the company that releases his records.


In a politically charged attack that has been welcomed by anti-globalisation campaigners, Martin said that he did not care that the corporation's profits might be dented by the delay in recording Coldplay's third album.


Speaking to the media in New York, Martin - who is married to the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow - said: "I don't really care about EMI. I'm not really concerned about that. I think shareholders are the greatest evil of this modern world."


Martin said the album, the group's first in three years, was delayed because the group felt their first eight months of recording sessions had produced songs that lacked the "spark" of earlier hits such as "Yellow," "Clocks" and "The Scientist."


"It's very strange for us that we spent 18 months in the studio just trying to make songs that make us feel a certain way and then suddenly become part of this corporate machine."


On Monday, the band recorded for the cable channel VH1 and Martin told the audience: "Deadlines mean nothing to us. We'll sink the whole company [EMI] if we have to."


In February, the EMI share price fell after the company warned that its profits would be dented by the delay in releasing the album, now entitled X&Y and due for release on 7 June. Sales of the new album and revenue from the subsequent two-month tour of North America in the summer are expected to play a role in determining EMI's profits.


Martin's views will be seen by many as a logical extension of the work done by him and the group in support of Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign, which is aimed at helping farmers and crop growers in the Third World. Oxfam said it did not wish to comment on his remarks.


A spokesman for Globalise Resistance, one of the leading anti-globalisation groups, said: "His comments reflect the fact that everyone has to work for someone else; everyone is a slave to shareholders and he is being exploited just like everyone else. He will have created more money for EMI than they will ever have created for him in returnHe said Coldplay fans should respond by downloading the band's music for free from unauthorised file-sharing websites.


While many recording artists will sympathise with Martin, few have been tempted to bite the hand that feeds them in such a public fashion. Steve Randall, guitarist with dance collective Faithless, told The Independent: "While I don't expect anyone to feel sympathy for pop stars tied to lucrative record deals, he has raised a very significant broader truth, which is that capitalism and the profit motive are not the best ways to organise the world."


EMI, the world's third-largest record company has issued a statement suggesting it is relaxed about his opinions: "We don't expect or want our rock stars to be stockbrokers."


The group was formed in 1998 and has become hugely popular in the US. Their first album, Parachutes, sold nearly 6 million albums, while their second, A Rush of Blood to the Head, sold more than 11 million.


Martin on...


* ...celebrity: "Fame isn't all it is cracked up to be. Everything is subservient to celebrity. Great things get ignored because they're not famous but people can tell you who's dating who."


* ...Third World poverty: "I'm a father who travels a lot and has seen how rich nations exploit poorer ones through crazy trade law and huge debt."


* ...Gwyneth Paltrow: "This is all very weird because she's a big Hollywood star and I'm just the bloke from Coldplay."




:) I particularly find interesting the line that follows the bold... :stunned: I am confused now... but I don't think Chris said that,, but the guy from Globalise Resistance...[/url]

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