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[quote="Science of Things


haha you'll have to try hard to scare me :P :wink:


They should all be there now :)


I thought those devil horns and gums would scare you into not posting them, no bother!! Damn I will have to try harder next time....now....where are those photos with the red eyes and pointy teeth..... :shock: :wink:


I was the one who said Ian looked a bit like Eminem but I must be blind cos noone else thinks so.


By the way....it's lovely to see everyone finally!!

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Hey, my name is Suzie, my friends calls me Sooz. I live in Dublin, Ireland. My fave bands are U2 and Coldplay. I'm 25 years old and Sarah is my Birthday sistah! Favourite cereal is Golden Grahams, favourite food is Spicy Chicken Wings from Elephant and Castle at Temple Bar, favourite drink, well, water if I'm in and Vodka with a dash of lime and white lemonade if I'm out, I smoke Silk Cut of blue. I work with kids and doing catering in my spare time. Hopefully, I'll do my own business in the future, near future. What else? Favourite movie is A Life Less Ordinary. Famous person I'd like to have dinner with is Adam Clayton. When I'm not at work, I love going out with my friends or also just get out of the house with my camera and taking pictures. I drive a black Alfa 156, tho I hate driving in town, so I take the bus most of the times (plus parking is a nightmare). So, that's me in a nutshell! Oh, and I'm obsessed with my teeth, can't help it, I love brushing them LMAO zahn.gif

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